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Flying Bach 2019

Bach and breakdance don’t go well together? The four-time breakdance world champion FLYING STEPS and renowned opera director Christoph Hagel prove that breakdancing and classical music are the perfect match – with their fascinating musical performance, FLYING BACH. In 2014, FLYING STEPS had their Belgium debut with their world’s most successful crossover show FLYING BACH in Brussels. Now the FLYING STEPS are returning once again: On September the 14th 2019 they will come to Brussels with FLYING BACH for two shows.

The Idea

In 2010, with the sizzling premier of their feature length FLYING BACH show in Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie the Flying Steps proved that breakdance is an ex-cellent medium to interpret the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The inspiration for the show came to Flying Steps founder and artistic director Vartan Bassil after a visit to a classical concert. “I liked the idea of replacing a ballerina doing pirou-ettes on tiptoes with a breakdancer doing head spins,” he explains.

At the time, many others thought this concept could never work. But that didn’t stop Vartan from pursuing his goal. “My dream was to create a feature length breakdance show to classical music”, he says. The idea to use Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” came from opera conductor Christoph Hagel, who works together with Bassil as an artistic director. Together they aspired to create a show that was more than breakdancing to a classical soundtrack. They wanted the dancers to embody the music and use it to convey a story to the audience.

“Bringing FLYING BACH on an international tour again is a great opportunity to demonstrate that our members are not just breakdancers they are artists,” says Bassil. “Combining urban culture with classical influences is an incredible way to create street art and we are excited to share it with everyone, who is interested.”

September 14 2019


Date: September 14, 2019