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Avishai Cohen announces his latest album “Brightlight”

Avishai Cohen announces his latest album “Brightlight”

  • 12 Jun 2024
  • 1 minute read

On March 16, 2025, Cirque Royal will be hosting an exceptional evening with renowned jazz musician Avishai Cohen, accompanied by Guy Moskovich and Roni Kaspi. Internationally renowned bass player and vocalist, Avishai Cohen will present his latest album “Brightlight” to the Belgian audience. Recognized for his innovative playing and ability to merge various musical influences, he has managed to conquer the world with his trio by combining acoustic jazz and Middle Eastern influences. 

Over the years, Avishai Cohen has built an impressive career thanks to his undeniable talent and passion for music. Since his debut with the Chick Corea New Trio in the 1990s, he has continued to surprise and move an ever-growing audience. His compositions, both complex and accessible, demonstrate technical virtuosity combined with profound artistic sensitivity. 

Avishai Cohen will be accompanied by talented musicians, promising an evening rich in emotions and musical discoveries. The audience will have the opportunity to live a unique experience, where every note played will resonate with a particular intensity, reflecting the artist's mastery and passion for his art. 

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