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Carmen, a flamenco ballet not to be missed

Carmen, a flamenco ballet not to be missed

  • 19 Apr 2024
  • 1 minute read

The Antonio Gades company will be coming to Belgium with its legendary show CARMEN on 9 March 2025, more than 40 years after its premiere at the Théâtre de Paris in May 1983.

Inspired by Mérimée's book and Bizet's opera, Carmen marks the first collaboration between Antonio Gades and filmmaker Carlos Saura. To capture the essence of Andalusian culture, the Spanish choreographer has chosen a striking contrast between Bizet's extraordinary music and that of a live flamenco orchestra. 

20 years after the death of the emblematic choreographer of Spanish culture, the Gades Foundation perpetuates his legacy at the highest level and continues to perform all over the world.

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