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Studio Ghibli In Concert, A tribute to the music of Joe Hisaishi

Studio Ghibli In Concert, A tribute to the music of Joe Hisaishi

Studio Ghibli In Concert, A tribute to the music of Joe Hisaishi
  • 24 Jun 2024
  • 2 minutes read

A tribute to the music of Joe Hisaishi 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli during an exceptional concert dedicated to the masterful work of Joe Hisaishi, the renowned composer behind the studio’s most iconic animated films. 

For over three decades, the movies of Studio Ghibli, under the artistic direction of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, have transported millions of viewers to fantastical worlds where dream and reality, poetry and adventure intertwine. Joe Hisaishi’s music, with its captivating melodies and majestic orchestrations, has always played an essential role in the magic of these timeless works. 

During this tribute concert, you will be carried away by the nostalgic and moving tunes of "My Neighbor Totoro", the lyrical flights of "Spirited Away", the epic rhythms of "Princess Mononoke", and many more. Every note, every harmony is a gateway to imagination, letting you relive the most memorable scenes from these cinematic masterpieces. 

The symphonic orchestra European Philharmonia, conducted by Walter Proost, will perform Joe Hisaishi’s compositions with remarkable precision and sensitivity, paying homage to the depth and richness of his work.  

This is a tribute concert without the presence of composer Joe Hisaishi.

Concert Highlights: 

  • A selection of the most famous and beloved works from Joe Hisaishi’s repertoire for Studio Ghibli. 
  • Performance by a renowned symphony orchestra. 
  • Whether you are an ardent fan of Studio Ghibli or a lover of symphonic music, this tribute concert is a rare opportunity to rediscover the beauty and emotion of Ghibli films through the unforgettable compositions of Joe Hisaishi.  

Book your tickets now and prepare for a musical journey into the wonderful worlds of Studio Ghibli.  

  • 13.11. 2024 - Stadsschouwburg Antwerp 
  • 14.11.2024 - Capitole Gent 
  • 09.03.2025 – Cirque Royal Brussels 

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