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Last days to enjoy Tim Burton's Labyrinth

Last days to enjoy Tim Burton's Labyrinth

Last days to enjoy Tim Burton's Labyrinth
  • 25 Jan 2024
  • 1 minute read

Explore the fantastic world of Tim Burton before it's too late!

The countdown has begun! UNTIL 4 FEBRUARY, experience the ultimate journey through Tim Burton's labyrinth at Tour & Taxis. This adventure will soon close its doors, so don't miss the chance to discover this fantastic world. Admire various characters, including Alice in Wonderland, reinvented by the enigmatic Tim Burton.

Immerse yourself in a strange world with Alice, guided by a mysterious white rabbit.  The Red Queen, with her draconian orders and overweening whims, reigns as absolute master. In Tim Burton's creative and fascinating universe, Alice transforms into a heroine to defy the Red Queen. This extraordinary world, where imagination and strangeness mingle, is a bewitching quest where dream and reality merge. The Red Queen, as the embodiment of the unexpected, shines in this captivating journey, where Tim Burton's iconic style is omnipresent. ❤️ 🎬

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